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Upcoming Events

Sunday 27th January - BLCC ring event - Aerokick, Birmingham

Tuesday 29th January - Sparring session 20:00-20:30 - St Michael's School

Saturday 9th February - WFMC British Open - Solihull

Sunday 10th February - Lordswood Tri series event 1- Solihull

Tuesday 19th February - Sparring session 20:00-20:30 St Michael’s School

Saturday 2nd March - RMA Club grading

Sunday 31st March - BLCC ring event - ying yang - Birmingham

Tuesday 02nd April - Sparring session 20:00 - 20:30 - St Michaels

Sunday 07th April - ICO British Open - Solihull

Tuesday 23rd April - Sparring session 20:00 - 20:30 - St Michaels

Sunday 28th April - WKO Mat Sports British Open - Barnsley

Sunday 28th April - AFSO British open ring sports - Solihull

Sunday 5th May - WKU British Open Championship - Wolverhampton

Sunday 19th May - WFMC Midland Open - West Bromwich

Sunday 26th May - BLCC ring event - BKA - Burton

Sunday 2nd June - Lordswood Tri series event 2 - Solihull

Tuesday 11th June - Sparring session 20:00 - 20:30 - St Michaels

Sunday 23rd June - AFSO Cheshire cup - Chester

Friday 26th - Sunday 28th July - WKO Open World Championships - Barnsley

Sunday 8th September - WKO British Open - Barnsley

Saturday 05th October - RMA Club grading



Club Event

Open Competition

BLCC Event

Extra Training

For further information on any of the events shown on our list please get in contact with Arron.

Please be aware this list is not final and will be updated continuously throughout the year so please come back regularly to check.